The function of LIB is to handle libraries, which are files consisting of any number of relocatable object
modules. LIB can concatenate a group of REL files into a library, create an indexed library (IRL), select modules from a library, and print module names and PUBLICS from a library.

3.1. LIB Operation

LIB is invoked by typing

LIB filename=filename1,...,filenameN

This command will create a library called filename.REL from the files filename1.REL,...,filenameN.REL. If filetypes are omitted, REL is assumed.

A flename may be followed by a group of module names enclosed in parentheses. Only the modules indicated will be included in the LIB function being performed. If omitted, all modules in the file are included.


LIB TEST=A(A1,A2),B,C(C1-C4,C6)

This command will create a file TEST.REL consisting of modules A1 and A2 from A.REL, all the modules from B.REL, and the modules between C1 and C4, and C6 from C.REL.

Any of several optional switches may be included in the command line for LIB. These switches are enclosed in square brackets and appear after the first filename in the LIB command. The switches are:

I - create an indexed library (IRL)
M - print module names
P - print module names and PUBLICS



creates a file TEST.REL consisting of A.REL, B.REL and C.REL.


appends D.REL to the end of TEST.REL.


creates an indexed library TEST.IRL from TEST.REL.


performs the same function as the preceding LIB examples, except no TEST.REL file is created.


lists all the module names and PUBLICS in TEST.REL.

3.2. Error Messages

CANNOT CLOSE: The output file cannot be closed. The diskette may be write protected.

DIRECTORY FULL: There is no directory space for the output file.

DISK READ ERROR: A file cannot be read properly.

DISK WRITE ERROR: A file cannot be written properly, probably due to a full diskette.

FILE NAME ERROR: The form of a source file name is invalid.

NO FILE: The indicated file cannot be found.

NO MODULE: The indicated module cannot be found.

SYNTAX ERROR: The command line used to invoke LIB was not properly formed.

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