SPASM is a collection of programs originally written for CPM but has an attached 8080 emulator and runs under MS-DOS (windows). Included is an 8080 assembler : SPASM, a single pass assembler. The syntax for the assembler source is 8080 opcodes and is close to the ASM.COM. Also included is SLINK; a linker. Check the READ.ME for more details.

SPASM : 17K An 8080 assembler with attached MS-DOS emulator.

USIM 1.0

uSim10 is an 8080/Z80 + CP/M system simulator. It builds with Code Warrior on Macintosh 68K and PPC systems.

USIM v1.0 : 450K An 8080/Z80 CP/M emulator for Macintosh 68K. Includes source.

ZRP/M files

ZRP/M is a CP/M 2.2 emulation system for IB/M PC's and compatibles. It's author died a number of years ago, and hs brother has released this code for general use, free of charge. He feels, and I agree, that it was too good an effort to waste it by letting it lay on a shelf.

It appears that ZRP/M began life as a disassembly of a then popular operating system. It was then severly hacked into what it is today. Most emulators today emulate both the 8080/Z80 instruction set, and CP/M 2.2. ZRP/M consists of a binary code emulator that can handle 8080, Z80, and Z280 binary code. This emulator then runs the ZRP/M operating system, which is written in 8080 assembly language.

Source code is available for part of the system. The utilities have been enhanced, and the source for them is not present. The source is present for the operating system itself, and a Z80 emulator. I don't believe that the included emulator source is the Z280 emulator.

NOTE : Even though it appears that the Z280 emulator source is not persent, the binary should include the Z280 emulator. I am still attempting to get the rest of the source code.

OK then. Here are the files for ZRP/M. Be sure to get the manual; you WILL need it.

RDOS, RCP : 120K This is disk 1 of the distribution disk set.

ZRPM : 118K This is disk 2 of the distribution disk set.

ZRPM SOURCE : 204K This is the source for the operating system and (I believe) a Z80 emulator.

ZRPM USERS GUIDE : 241K This is the Users Guide for ZRP/M in POSTSCRIPT format. You WILL need this. ZRP/M is a superset of CP/M 2.2, so you will also need the CP/M 2.2 manual as things in common are not replicated here. Most of the utilities for ZRP/M have been enhanced and have numerous new options.


MYZ80 Demo : 784K MyZ80 is a powerful CP/M emulator for MS-DOS. It will run CP/M 2.2 and 3.0 programs, as well as Z System software. Since MyZ80 is Shareware, only a demo version will be presented here.


tnylpo, by Georg Brein. a utility to run CP/M-80 (v2.2) applications conveniently under Unix/Linux: It supports the full Z80 instruction set (including undocumented instructions), provides a TPA size of 63.5KB and maps CP/M files to files in the host file system (up to 16 CP/M drives may be mapped to arbitrary Unix directories). Full screen applications are supported by the built-in (curses based) terminal emulation (DEC VT52 compatible with extensions like line insert/delete line, screen attributes, and 8 bit characters). The host character set (typically UTF-8) is translated into to a user-configurable single byte CP/M character set for console (and optionally, for punch, reader, and printer) I/O, and host terminal window resizing is handled correctly. A companion program for text file conversion is included. This program is written in ANSI C 99 and has been tested under various flavours of Linux, Free/Open/NetBSD, and Mac OS X (but should compile and run under any reasonably recent Unixy system); it is Open Source (BSD licence).

For a comprehensive list of CP/M and z80 emulators please check out the Z80 Family Support emulators page.

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